Global MUN IIT Kharagpur
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Executive Board Applications

We at Global Model United Nations IIT Kharagpur call upon future responsible representatives of Ban-Ki-Moon to come up and prove their skill in a room where a hardcore debate will be fought out.

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Delegate Applications

Ever got Fascinated with Barrack Obama speaking in the UN? and trying to learn diplomatic affairs? Or ever wanted to satisfy your appetite for international politics?
The this is the Best platform to Come, Learn , Deliberate and Debate!

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International Press Chief Applications

Did the quote "Pain is mightier than the Sword" appeal to you at an early age? Or ever the workings of Charlie Hebdo or Al-Jazeera ever fascinate you? Then you have the right caliber to turn in as the IP Chief at Global Model United Nations IIT Kharagpur and realize all this in reality.

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International Press Applications

The direct live scenes from the city of Aleppo to a person sitting in his room has been the boon of the electronic media to the present day world. We, Global Model United Nations IIT Kharagpur realizes its importance and urges prospective Reporters to come up and showcase their skills.

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